Damien Maher is a strength and conditioning specialist from
Sandyford, Dublin. His company, Be Fit For Life Performance
Centre Ltd is housed in a 3,000 sq ft personal training gym –
which has helped hundreds of clients of all ages and from all
walks of life to transform their body shapes, increase their
energy levels and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Damien’s method is the result of his personal experience as a former professional
soccer player, combined with the advanced theories of European sports science and
the principles of modern strength and conditioning systems.
He travels extensively to learn from the world’s leading experts in strength training,
nutrition, functional medicine, supplementation, treatment and the rehabilitation of
He uses this knowledge and his own vast experience to develop training programs
that help each individual client achieve their specific goals for which he guarantees
Damien was the Fitness Expert on TV3’s reality TV show Inside & Out, and he writes a
weekly column in the health supplement of the Irish Independent.
The success stories on his website: are a testimony to Damien’s
vision, hard work and dedication to his clients.