Daanish Memon is affectionately known as Dan the Land Man. He is an expert in helping people understand how their land is from a development perspective.

He is regularly sought after by land developers who are considering whether they should invest in properties and those who want to get their developments approved.

Although Daanish specialized in land development, his passion lies in people development. Daanish has conducted numerous practical skills training workshops in the fields of construction engineering, teaching youth and personal development

Daanish is known to ask ‘What will it take for this land (or person) to be successfully developed?”

He founded Terra Firma Plus Inc., a company that helps its constituents to understand their land and the development process so they are able to complete their projects more effectively and economically

Terra Firma engages in the investigation of property owned by development prospects to help them and their designers, financiers and partners understand their land and what procedures and cost consequences are required to successfully develop it

To learn more about Daanish and Terra Firma Plus Inc. and to receive a special report entitled ‘Dig Deep – How to help prospective buyers understand your land and make land deals more attractive for development’ send an email to [email protected]