Cyndi McCay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach. After completing a BA in Psychology, she spent almost 20 years in the manufacturing business. Feeling called to a new direction, Cyndi pursued and received a Master’s in Social Work, also from Indiana University. From here, she pursued her passion as a counselor and later also became certified as a Life Coach.

She currently works in an elementary school as a School Social Worker and maintains a private practice as a Therapist and a Life Coach. She especially enjoys coaching those who are reaching the second half of life, and shifting their focus from professional or “financial success” to search for deeper meaning and purpose in life or healing and developing richer relationships. If you are hitting your middle years and looking for life clarity, check out her “Living With Unbridled Passion” coaching paradigm.

In addition, as a School Behavioral Specialist, Consultant, and trainer, Cyndi is passionate about bringing information to schools about the connection between trauma and learning. The effects of trauma and chronic stressors in our children, are not only causing challenging behaviors in the classroom, but also affecting children’s ability to learn. She offers workshops and consulting with practical, straightforward, fun solutions to remove impediments to learning, pre-empt distracting behaviors, and improve classroom management.

Her expertise in working with kids goes hand-in-hand in working with parents. Cyndi provides coaching and workshops for parents to share tips, strategies, and loving support to their children, that perhaps the parent never received themselves. She does six-week, two hour per week, Love and Logic parenting classes as well.

Her home is in Indiana on a working farm. She lives with her husband, son, horses, dogs, and cats. Of her many interests, her passions are horseback riding, hiking, reading, and learning.

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