Craig has been in the auto industry for more than 38 years,
holding literally every position in a dealership. He became a
turnaround consultant in the late ‘80s and started AutoMax
Recruiting and Training more than 13 years ago, because there
was an overwhelming need for fresh blood in the auto industry.
Craig has personally trained and developed thousands of salespeople and managers
while AutoMax Recruiting and Training has conducted more 11,000 recruiting
campaigns and has trained over 100,000 people into the auto industry, from “Porters
to Presidents.” When it comes to cutting-edge recruitment of top talent for the auto
industry and how to develop and retain that talent, Craig and his team from AutoMax
are the industry leaders!
A highly sought-after speaker, Craig has spoken at numerous 20 Groups, dealerships
and industry conferences. Currently, Craig is working on his first book.
While Craig has had much success in his life, he prefers to be defined by his love for
the church and his family.