Courtney started in the Wireless Industry in 1997, quickly becoming one of the Top Performers in Florida and the Southeast region leading each area to top sales performances, winning President’s Awards and Region of the Year honors. Courtney next moved through a variety of management positions before becoming the Southeast Indirect Regional Manager for a large wireless provider. By 2006, Courtney had moved from wireless activations into distribution, marketing and enterprise where he worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies with Wireless Product Placement, Mobile Applications and Device Management Solutions.
During the time he was working with the wireless carriers and distributors, Courtney found his niche in the wireless industry and marketing technology as a whole. With a vision for the expertise, service and experience that he could offer, Courtney contacted former Verizon Wireless Manager and longtime friend, Shawn Rowell. In 2007, they launched Communication Xperts (dba: with a mission to bring unparalleled customer service, technology sourcing, customized mobile services and marketing expertise to SMB and consumer markets. Looking beyond the wireless products they could offer, Courtney saw that they could help consumers and business owners with everything involving their mobile communications.
In three short years, CommXPERTS has become a value-added distributor of innovative consumer electronic products designed to increase productivity for both businesses and consumers. CommXPERTS provides distribution and customized services to over 5,000 B2B customers in Canada, Latin America and the United States. Their customized services include strategic planning along with distribution of cutting-edge products such as bar code scanners, solar chargers, Wireless Internet (WiFi) and Wireless “Mobile” Event Equipment. Helping entrepreneurs launch, source, market, advertise and distribute their products is just one example of the customized services that CommXPERTS provides. The CommXPERTS staff has over 30 years experience in electronic sales and distribution as well as event production.
Always on the lookout for revolutionary new products that will offer their customers the best return on investment, Courtney is excited about the newest phase of CommXPERTS’ products and services – Mobile Event Marketing. This new branch of CommXPERTS will give their business clients more options for creating a marketing presence by offering trade show expertise and set-up, mobile WiFi hotspot capabilities, data capture options, unique mobile advertising equipment and more. This will increase ROI and communications with any client. CommXPERTS will offer virtual branding and a mobile marketing division for companies who want to have a presence in Florida and the Southeast.
The one constant in today’s world of technology is that it’s always changing. To navigate it successfully and utilize technology requires extensive knowledge and continued learning. Most consumers don’t have the time or the ability to keep up which is exactly why Courtney created CommXPERTS. With CommXPERTS, consumers now have a trusted resource for all things techie and business owners have a technology and branding department. Together, everyone succeeds.