Corinne Rita coaches high octane clients to maximize their time, energy focus, and effectiveness. Working mindfully with meaning, purpose, and clear vision, you can expect to enjoy a fully engaged life as well as a more profitable and rewarding business. Corinne’s direct approach demands the best from entrepreneurs ready to live and lead full out from their strengths and values. Her individual and group programs teach unshakable confidence, physical presence, creative visioning and living in the moment as the keys to success in all areas of life.

Corinne is an experienced entrepreneur in the global market, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar with degrees in Psychology and Japanese, and a professionally trained leadership and business coach. Corinne has brought over a hundred products and brands to market with worldwide distribution. Her client list has included billion dollar businesses such as Gap Intl, Estee Lauder Companies, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia with work featured in hundreds of publications such as the New York Times, In Style, etc. She is uniquely qualified in the realities of business leadership, competition, cost pressures and growth, new market expansion, product innovation, and cross-cultural challenges.

Her company, Fierce Focus specializes in high performance training & results driven business and personal development. Fierce Focus coaches work with clients to create and maintain the energy and focus necessary to consistently perform at their highest levels. Individuals thrive when they understand and use their strengths. Companies thrive when they embody cultures of personal leadership, self-development and personal power. The Fierce Focus system integrates motivation and performance psychology with cognitive neuroscience and leadership coaching. Corinne and her team provide you with structure and unbiased support in your personal and professional lives to transform stress into strength and frustration into focused action.

Corinne is a best-selling author and motivational speaker teaching that to thrive in life you have to be/come who you are. Authenticity, integrity and self-expression are core values fueling Fierce Focus. We founded the Achiever’s Academy life and academic success program at Fierce Focus to benefit gifted individuals and students with attention differences. If you are a business professional with ADD or attention challenges, work with Fierce Focus to learn to effectively use your unique abilities. Business and personal coaches trained by Corinne are required to demonstrate core competencies set by the International Coach Federation. They are qualified to champion the best from people who have ADHD or what she calls the “Trailblazer Trait.”

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