Corbin Cowan: Bringing Peace of Mind to Main Street Investors

In the world of financial advisers and experts, few have
the hands-on finance and business experience backing
their training that Corbin Cowan brings to his clients.
After building, owning and managing several successful businesses in
financial services, the oil and gas industry, and real estate and property
management, raising $150 million in funding commitments, Corbin has
a unique perspective from his own personal successes and failures. His
insights come from his extensive professional training balanced by real
world experiences. This allows him to guide you through some of your most
important decisions regarding your financial goals and investment choices
and your family’s financial security.
Even while he was earning his bachelor’s degree in Finance from
the University of Colorado, he founded Rocky Mountain Investment
Management, LLC, which was funded and managed by student
shareholders. After he graduated, Corbin became President of C & J
Exploration, overseeing their strategic planning, establishing their business
structure, providing financial and economic evaluation, negotiating and
implementing partnership agreements and joint venture opportunities,
among many other responsibilities.
Working with wealthy investors and funding groups to secure growth capital,
he realized that the old adage “The rich get richer” had a foundation in
fact: Millionaires get billionaire opportunities, but wealthy individuals have
always known that the planning process itself is more important than
any individual investment. The process of planning long-term strategies
effectively requires looking at all aspects of a client’s portfolio, including his
or her goals, values and timelines. The wealthy have long enjoyed the help
of “family offices” employing financial, legal, accounting and estate planning
experts, to guide their financial decisions. Unfortunately, these services can
cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. This is not a problem if you are
a multi-millionaire, celebrity or NFL player.
This severely limits the average investor’s options to commissioned
salespeople: stockbrokers, insurance agents, and others. They earn their
by selling their firm’s in-house financial products. This creates an inherent
conflict of interest, yet most average investors have been schooled to look
at products first, strategies later (if at all).
Corbin realized that to give average investors the kind of advantages the
super-wealthy enjoy, it would take more than just presenting the right
“opportunities.” Only by providing normal hard-working individuals access
to the highest level of financial education, would he enable Main Street
investors to realize the kind of peace of mind about their investments that
the wealthy have always known.
You owe it to yourself and your family to get in touch with Corbin today
at [email protected], and to find out what a difference coaching will
make in your life.