Conrad Brian Law is an international management consultant and the CEO of Applied Learning Solutions. Conrad has worn many hats and has constantly reinvented himself to achieve success in his personal and professional endeavors.
Entering the workforce as a clerk with a degree in Sociology and Archaeology, Conrad expanded his professional horizons to positions as a Research Economist, Quality Assurance Analyst, Computer Specialist, Business Analyst and Information Technology Project Manager working for the US Department of Labor. After an early retirement from the government, Conrad worked as a business consultant for the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network – providing technical assistance and training to the business community. Conrad also works with international organizations. He is an author, award-winning speaker and certified trainer of trainers.
Conrad’s professional experience has given him an opportunity to develop and utilize a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities. He has extensive training and conference presentation experience representing government agencies, the private sector and international non-profits. His training experience includes technical topics such as system administration, networking, software applications and database design. Additionally, Conrad conducts training in soft skills including entrepreneurship, career development, project management, leadership, supervision and professional development skills.
In 2010, Conrad established Applied Learning Solutions (ALS). Through ALS he designs, develops and implements instructor-facilitated online training in Equal Employment Opportunity, Early Care Education, Workforce Development and training for government and corporate employees. In 2015, he began working on projects with international organizations in Africa, most recently providing technical assistance and training in strategic business planning and goal-setting for a farmer’s cooperative in Ghana.
Conrad co-owns and operates Freedom Manor, a meeting, training and event facility located in Fort Washington, Maryland with his wife and business partner, Amina Jones Law, and with the support of their children Alec, Toussaint and Taylour.
You can connect with Conrad at: [email protected] 866-599-4330