Chuck Poole’s entire life has been devoted to the passionate pursuit of Computer Technology. He has been enamored with computers long before you could even buy them in stores. By the time he finished high school, he was one of a handful of self-taught experts writing a specialized form of telecommunication software that could intercept
and route phone calls internationally. Chuck has previously worked with many large organizations including the FBI, the CIA, the United Nations, and has deployed software in more than 38 countries for various National telecommunication authorities. Some of these software systems are still being used more than 20 years later.
Throughout Chuck’s career, he has watched the computer industry grow, thrive and become more cohesive with the needs of business. He finds it inspiring that pioneering technologies are being embraced by the marketplace, however he sees the value in simplicity and believes the market is coming to realize that as well.
Chuck began PalmTech Computer Solutions to tackle many of the inconsistencies he witnessed in the computer consulting community. Whether it was a salesperson trying to convince a client that they needed the latest and greatest superfluous computer gadgets, or an IT consultant who was unable to complete a job or resolve an issue effectively, it was glaringly obvious that most IT service companies simply were not meeting the expectations of their clients. With PalmTech, it was Chuck’s desire to change that standard and move beyond those expectations.
Through PalmTech, Chuck provides elegant solutions that are easy to learn, solve core- business problems and are cost effective to maintain. After all, business owners and managers want technology that “just works” and allows them the opportunity to be great at what they do. If your technology is not helping you increase your profits, Chuck believes it is not being implemented correctly. In guiding his team, Chuck has instilled a core system of beliefs: to organize, simplify, secure, and ultimately boost productivity. The PalmTech team begins each day with this mindset.
In this book, Chuck uses his vast expertise to show you how to keep your company safe from the ever changing threats to your company’s computer infrastructure. He hopes you find this book useful in your pursuit of a more secure solution for your firm or business.
You can connect with Chuck at:
[email protected]