Christopher Ulrich helps his clients grow their business using proven strategies that have generated his clients hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue. Raised in an entrepreneurial technology family, Christopher grew up on computers, from early key punch machines at age 6, to the first PC’s, Apple II+ and more.
After owning a retail store (age 19), a software company (age 21) and earning a securities license (Series 7 and 63), Christopher found his way to law school in 1992, expecting to work with Apple, Microsoft or IBM. While in law school, he started (and shuttered) an early search directory when others insisted the “Internet would never go commercial.” After passing the bar exam, Christopher Ulrich practiced law for three years but was drawn back to the Internet and technology. He started one of the first ICANN accredited domain registrars. He then shifted his focus to online marketing, helping those early on the net grow their businesses quickly. For the past 17 years, his primary focus has been on profitable marketing and lead generation strategies, integrating his skills with real-world small business experience, technology know- how and deep strategic thinking.
While Christopher’s early clients were some of the biggest online – Cingular, Buy. com,, Citibank, Computer Associates, NBTY and others, he gravitated to small- and mid-sized businesses. The thrill of working with a business owner/ decision maker in a non-corporate environment, who is able to quickly implement change, delivers the best experience for all.
Christopher lives on Long Island, New York, with his brilliant, lovely and younger wife Dina, and three wonderful children Charlie, Leia and Isabelle. When not working, you will find Christopher coaching basketball, inventing new technologies, searching for the best sushi chefs, and spending time with his family.
Christopher Ulrich is a graduate of Hofstra University in New York, and received his Juris Doctorate at St. John’s University School of Law. He is the CEO of Direct Response Group, specializing in helping companies leverage the internet to grow revenue. His clients range from lawyers, doctors and engineers, to other professional, brick-and-mortar and financial services clients.
He is also the creator of Selling Decision Makers, helping businesses learn and master the complete revenue cycle, from lead generation to nurturing a relationship to completing the sale.
Christopher Ulrich is considered an expert in his industry, and has been invited to speak at many conferences, including those focused on the Internet, law and general business success.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Christopher directly at: [email protected]