Chris Olmstead is the owner of Success Fitness, a gym that specializes in fat loss and is designed to focus on the individual and help each person reach their goals in the safest and fastest manner possible. Chris has travelled across the country learning from the best in the industry on how to help his clients with the most effective tools and systems possible.
Born and raised in the Salem/Keizer area, Chris has spent most of his life competing in a variety of sports, ranging from wrestling to basketball to throwing javelin. Throughout that time he’s enjoyed the benefits of the weight room and learning how to apply what he has learned there to his life, to his business and now to his clients most importantly.
Chris got his first taste of coaching after graduating high school and volunteered to help coach wrestling at McNary High. From there he was hooked. After attending OSU he found his way working at a health club and was promoted to a personal trainer position where he got to really cut his teeth into the fitness end of things. After working with all manner of people from all walks of life, the busy professional working 80+ hours per week, the stay-at-home mom and the senior citizen wanting to get stronger to stay healthy and independent, he began seeking out the best to help him improve his game. Shortly before opening Success Fitness in late 2011, Chris enrolled in the prestigious Results Fitness University and client results began improving even more.
These days you can typically find Chris with his nose in a book, taking his dog for walks in the streets of West Salem, but mostly working with his clients at Success Fitness.