CHOY WONG, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, life coach, and author, is regarded a top specialist in leadership and business management, emotional intelligence, personal growth and self-mastery. Having achieved his own financial independence at the age of 26, he has helped hundreds of thousands internationally to achieve their life’s dreams and goals by empowering his students with the same disciplines and systems he himself had to master.

Choy has devoted his life to teaching his unique technology on success, wealth and happiness. He possesses a unique insight into human nature and the mechanics of life. His programs have helped entrepreneurs, executives and professionals become more effective and accomplished, prosperous, loving and fulfilled in both their professional and personal lives. He has taught his programs at several universities, lectured widely for the past 30 years and appears regularly on radio and TV in the U.S. and abroad. He’s just developed the latest cutting-edge technology on powerfully overcoming our modern challenges and succeeding in the new economy