Walter M. (Chip) Wittrock, Jr.
Chip has helped clients with their financial futures for over 25 years. Starting out in the insurance industry, moving to securities based investments then back to the safety and certainty of insurance based products for both himself and his clients. Chip said “In securities, I found no “security” in the very real opportunity to lose my hard earned money in stocks and mutual funds. Years ago when I found Bank On Yourself, I realized I had found a ‘secure’ home for my money as well as for the money that my clients wanted to keep safe”
While working with his Bank On Yourself clients, Chip recognized a horrific trend: hundreds of parents and college bound grads buried with college debt by following traditional advice. This debt load for most families was second only to their home mortgage. So he began helping families arrange their finances to take advantage of the special allowances on financial aid forms, much like an accountant helps with available tax deductions.

When his daughter was entering college, he arranged his own financial affairs properly but relied on traditional resources from the high school for other college planning needs. Chip said after following that guidance he felt like he made “every mistake in the book” and soon found that this was the NORM. That changing majors, feeling unprepared and frustrated, going to the wrong college along with saving the wrong place, were all things happening to the majority of students. He knew this could be prevented with proper guidance and advice. So he struck out to find help… but he could not find what he needed. As a maverick in everything he does, Chip set a mission to create a college planning company with no hidden agenda. Along with being an Authorized Bank On Yourself Advisor, he is the Co-Founder of College Prep Mastery, LLC the only online full service college planning company. He helps students find:
• their passion
• a major and career that resonates with that passion
• the colleges that are best fit for the student
• the ultimate way to study once in college
He compares colleges side by side so parents can see which schools will actually cost the least in their unique situation (because EVERYONE is treated differently). He does all of this and gives families advice on how to get the most financial aid possible before they fill out financial aid forms. Chip found the top companies so that students will be well prepared for the SAT/ACT and parents will not apply for financial aid without help. He does this for his clients and for himself since he and his wife are still raising their own college bound high school student and they did not want to make the same mistakes twice.
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