Chi Leung is a continuous improvement enthusiast who constantly searches for new boundaries to explore. This exploration drive has resulted in him trying out a multitude of different disciplines and roles throughout his professional career – ranging from finance professional, consultant, entrepreneur, sales staff and
recruitment director to personal development trainer and author. His personal development career has pushed him to follow courses in human psychology and obtain professional Train The Trainer training from Jack Canfield (the World’s 1# Success Coach).
Chi Leung received his Master’s in International Business in 2001. And like most graduates, he thought that he would conquer the (business) world. The reality was quite different though, as he struggled for nearly 10 years, where he made extremely little progress professionally and financially. It was not until he learned. . . “the secret to multiplying your income, guaranteed” that his professional and financial future changed. In merely a couple of years, his income has increased by 500%!
The secret to ‘multiply your income, guaranteed’ is centered around the philosophy of continuous improvement. The essence is that the world around you is ever-changing and to get ahead and stay ahead, one will need to improve oneself everyday or risk becoming obsolete. Having visited over 24 different countries to date, Chi Leung is certain that this simple secret is effective in any part of the world.
Chi Leung, having personally experienced the “pain” of not knowing, has since been exploring different ways to share this valuable knowledge. For this reason, he is co-authoring this book, giving seminars to groups and organizations, and is setting up a ‘howtoliveyourrichlife’ blog.
Chi Leung currently lives in a small country called Holland that is world famous for its …. ehhh …. tulips …. of course, and is still looking for new opportunities to explore and challenges to conquer.
You can connect with Chi Leung at: