Cathie Rodgers is a Professional Business Woman, a Career Coach and Certified Scientific Hand Analyst. Cathie is an executive assistant at a Fortune 500 company in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this role she is responsible for supporting the Vice President of Finance, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer. She is
also a Career Coach.
Cathie began studying professional coaching in 2008 and decided to focus on Career Coaching in 2009. The death of her mother, when Cathie was 23, ignited a quest to explore the deeper meanings of life and an understanding of her role in this life. This quest continued throughout her years in school and work as she pursued personal and spiritual growth. It wasn’t until she discovered Coaching that she found a venue in which to share the wisdom she had learned over the years. Now she uses this gift in all aspects of her life, including the corporate environment.
As Cathie studied and practiced coaching, she noticed that many of the clients coming to her were going through major life transitions. Wanting to help them through their transitions as quickly as possible, Cathie became a Certified Scientific Hand Analyst. Now she enjoys combining Career Coaching with the self-discovery tool of Scientific Hand Analysis. She believes that the best way to live a happy and abundant life is through self-discovery.
Cathie is a co-contributor to the book: Successful Life Story Transformations: Using the ROADMAP System to Change Mind, Brain and Behavior with David Krueger, M.D.
You can connect with Cathie at: [email protected]