Cary Bryson is a “no-nonsense” Louisiana attorney who
has dedicated his law practice to helping people get out of
IRS and other tax trouble.
Cary founded Bryson Law Firm, LLC, in 2000 with one
main objective—to establish a modern law firm with old fashioned values!
In other words, Cary’s law firm provides great service and gets great results
for its clients all while treating others with respect and dignity. He’s known
throughout the state as being kind, generous and friendly. (It’s not uncommon
for him to have two-hour meetings with new clients who drive more
than three hours to meet with him!)
Simply put, Cary is a true Louisiana boy! He grew up in Baker, Louisiana. He
hunts, fishes and loves to cook (and eat)! He graduated from Louisiana State
University at Baton Rouge in 1988, and then from LSU Law School in 1991.
With more than 20 years of legal experience, Cary has practiced in numerous
legal areas throughout Louisiana. He served as a law clerk to the Supreme
Court of Louisiana in New Orleans and has tried many types of cases. He’s
admitted to U.S. Tax Court and has extensive knowledge in IRS procedure and
practice. He has handled hundreds of IRS and other tax cases.
Cary’s wife, Angie, is also a Louisiana-born attorney. She works side-by-side
with him at Bryson Law Firm, LLC. They’ve been married for 21 years and
have six children who are their pride and joy.
Cary’s personal dedication to “family” is reflected daily at Bryson Law Firm,
LLC. His staff of lawyers, accountants and others always treat clients like family
while solving their burdensome IRS and other tax issues. Bryson Law Firm,
LLC clients have strong, competent protection from the IRS and other taxing
agencies. Every day levies are released, garnishments are removed, and IRS
cases are settled permanently for Bryson clients! It is Cary’s personal goal to
protect as many Louisiana neighbors as possible from intimidating and threatening
IRS actions and to keep those neighbors out of tax trouble for good.
To learn more about Cary Bryson and Bryson Law Firm, LLC, or to subscribe
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call (337) 233-4210.