Carol Bennink has had a successful and impressive career with three great companies, Kraft Foods, Philip Morris, and Costco. Over a 20 year span, she held various positions of responsibility and management, leading in sales and meeting budgets at every turn. Carol always prided herself in understood how to best work with people while obtaining the company results.
At all three of these Fortune 100 companies, Carol received national awards for sales and leadership, as well as having had a proven sales track record that earned her multiple accolades.
Carol‘s last W-2 job was with Costco, where she held the position of Assistant General Warehouse Manager. Two weeks before taking this job, her 14 year old daughter, Jessica Ann, died suddenly and unexpectedly. She chose to start with Costco anyway, spending 1 year with the company before making the difficult decision to leave Costco, a company which she greatly admired, to support her grieving family at home.
Carol was born and raised in the LA are. Her undergraduate degree was from Humboldt State University, where the redwoods meet the ocean. Carol earned her MBA from California State University Fresno.
When she met her husband, Sjef, they moved to Michigan, living in a beautiful suburb of Detroit, Clarkston, for 10 years.
Carol is a health nut and avid runner. She will tell you that she has been running since the 1971 and that she still runs, only much slower. Her favorite things are hiking, camping, hanging out with her kids and family, reading, and serving others.
Carol now lives with her husband, Josephus, in Missouri. She is most proud of her 3 children, Natalie, Lucas, and Jessica Ann, who they lost to complications from the treatment of Leukemia. “She is in heaven as she was saved. I know she is in heaven waiting for me to see her again.” Carol started a small ministry to serve families who have lost kids.
Carol’s company, Life’s Financial Reserves, teaches people how to “bank on themselves.” She believes that that through this business, she is doing one small part in building a better America on person at a time. In addition to her Life Insurance business, Carol and her husband, Sjef, invest in small apartment buildings and other affordable housing opportunities.