Carmela has always been an athlete. From a very young age, she dabbled in ballet, gymnastics, ice skating, volleyball, and devoted a large amount of her teenage through college years to track and field. While at Willamette University earning her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Carmela truly found her passion with movement, sport, fitness, and rehabilitation.

Carmela is co-owner of Fitness Evolved in Berkeley, CA with her partner Andy Clower and a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She takes great pride in learning under the tutelage of Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita CA, as well as Dr.Eric Cobb of Z-Health Performance Systems in Phoenix, AZ. Lifelong learning is an area that Carmela truly believes in and continues to learn with each new client she meets. She enjoys training and coaching a diverse group of clients but has always been passionate about training female clients, largely due to the fact that as a young female athlete, she was enamored by what her body was capable of accomplishing and was lucky enough to have some amazing coaches. From that point on, she promised to one day be able to do the same thing for someone else.

Fitness Evolved is a health, wellness and performance training facility in Berkeley, CA that strives to create life-long athletes out of its members. The systems and techniques used at Fitness Evolved continue to set their facility apart to become known as the most “cerebral” gym in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their training system helps put clients back in control of their own performance, continually making lasting breakthroughs in areas including pain relief, injury prevention and mindset. They are most often sought out by clients who have “tried everything else” with no results.

Instead of waiting for the mainstream fitness industry to catch up with the latest research, the Fitness Evolved team sought out those who are already applying it well—the world leaders in fitness and performance training—and spent thousands of dollars and countless hours being mentored by and learning from them. For more information about Carmela or Fitness Evolved, go to: