Camille Scielzi, the Take Action GuruTM, is the founder
and certified lead coach of Entrepreneurial Study HallSM,
an online community of holistic health professionals
passionate about making a difference in the world. Her
mission is to provide the support systems these entrepreneurs
need to create an environment where amazing transformations
happen naturally for themselves, and those they serve.
Camille coaches these committed professionals to take consistent action to
grow sustainable, profitable, and socially responsible businesses. Delivered
in a straightforward and often times humorous manner, her advice for building
a business that authentically reflects one’s personal passion is available
weekly through her Internet-based Blog Talk Radio show Take Action Guru:
Small Businesses….Big Missions…..Consistent Action.
She breaks down the behind-the-scenes details holistic “solopreneurs”
are using successfully, and shares them to help all wellness entrepreneurs
reach their personal and business goals quickly, efficiently and profitably.
Live on-air coaching is an important part of this intimate small business
training venue.
As part of the balanced wellness lifestyle she promotes, Camille takes time
to rejuvenate and find inspiration. She loves spending time in her home state
of New Mexico with her long time spouse Mark. Yoga, Pilates, hiking, reading,
cycling and cooking all play an integral part in her physical well-being.
If you would like to know more about Camille’s holistic entrepreneurial programs
and how they can support you in having amazing wellness transformations,
please visit: