Cami Buettner grew up in the small town of Hooker,
Oklahoma. Even at a young age, people began to
realize that she was driven, competitive, and a natural
born leader among her peers and members of the
community. This led her to play basketball competitively
throughout High School and College, and graduate with marks of excellence
in her educational endeavors.
After high school, she began her undergraduate degree in 2003 at
Southwestern College, and went on to graduate with her Bachelors in
Finance and Management, and with a minor in Accounting. Eager for the
opportunity to learn more, she then completed her Masters in Mathematics
from the University of Oklahoma.
At the age of 13, Cami started her own business that would help pay her way
through college. Years later, her strong desire to help people and to make
a difference led her to the doors of Roderick H. Polston, P.C., a tax law firm
that helps struggling taxpayers and business owners navigate the troubled
waters of resolving back taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service and
Oklahoma Tax Commission.
As the firm’s Vice President and Senior Tax Negotiator, Cami has a unique
advantage in helping her clients, as she has personally confronted similar
situations that her clients face from her many years as a business owner
and Enrolled Agent. As a result, Cami has helped thousands of Oklahomans
resolve their IRS and OTC tax issues, saving them millions of dollars
combined and helping to give them their lives back.
Beyond helping others, Cami has many other passions in life including
spending time with her husband Danny and their young son Cade, who is
the light of her life! The three of them reside in Moore, Oklahoma with their
two dogs Khloe and Payton. In her free time, Cami still enjoys tearing up the
basketball court and cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma City
Thunder. Boomer Sooner!
Cami believes that God has led her to The Law Offices of Roderick H. Polston,
P.C. to carry out his will through the work that she does every day. She truly
feels blessed that God has allowed her the opportunity to make a difference
in the lives of Oklahoman’s by helping them to resolve their IRS and State tax
issues. When most people come into her office, they feel as though there is
no way out of their difficult situation, and that they must go at this problem
alone. She is beyond blessed to be able to let these people know that we
CAN help and that we are on their team!
You can connect with Cami at:
[email protected]