Caitie left her job as a graphics designer at a hot start-up company in 2007 to pursue her entrepreneurship dreams and hasn’t looked back. She is passionate about promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship among children and young adults and hopes to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Caitie lives in Toronto with her husband and continues to learn, explore and invest in high-growth and long-term investment opportunities.

Caitie is a Canadian real estate entrepreneur and investor who has invested in residential real estate across Canada. She has helped investors diversify their portfolios through real estate investments with a strong emphasis on long-term growth and cash flow and is the managing director and partner of a portfolio of properties valued at fifteen million dollars.

Caitie is also the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint EQ Developments and Blueprint EQ Capital. She is responsible for building relationships with developers, builders and lenders with a mission to identify and provide exceptional investment opportunities for partners.