For more than 20 years, Bryan Sullivan has been a Financial Advisor
helping individuals and families achieve their financial planning
goals, by providing advice on Investment Planning; Insurance
Planning; Tax Planning; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning; Intergenerational
Wealth Transfer Planning; and Educational Savings
Planning. Working with a network of highly skilled professionals in San Luis Obispo,
CA he has dedicated his career to providing high-quality advice and integrated wealth
management solutions that simplify and enhance the quality of his clients’ lives.
Bryan became a licensed financial advisor in 1992 and worked with several Wall
Street firms including Merrill Lynch and UBS until he created an independent, SECRegistered
investment advisory firm in 2009 – Vellum Financial. He is also the author
of the book, “Protecting Your Money From Yourself – A Retiree’s Guide to Insuring You
Have Enough Money to Enjoy Your Retirement.”
It is his belief that the RIA platform is the final step in the evolutionary process toward
providing unbiased investment management to their clients. In creating Vellum
Financial, he has created a strictly objective financial advisory firm that incorporates
“best practices” of investment management while avoiding the many negatives of
the brokerage industry.
Vellum Financial is the embodiment of his uncompromising focus on the client. Bryan
aims to provide objective advice, complete transparency and unique access to “bestin-
class” subject matter experts.
The firm that he has created gives him the opportunity to shape his own culture and
to establish a higher standard of service and performance within his industry. Indeed,
Vellum Financial represents an ethical, intellectual and deeply personal opportunity
as owner-operator – the opportunity that culminates in allowing them to be a true
steward of your assets.
A strong contributor to the community, Bryan has volunteered with the Morro Bay
Lions Club and Big Brother Big Sisters organization. Resident in San Luis Obispo
since 1994, Bryan and his wife Tricia, and their 4 children share a passion for outdoor
activities and spending time with friends and family.
To learn more about Bryan Sullivan and how you can receive a FREE guide called,
“The Critical Questions You Must Ask To Get Your Financial Life In Order” visit: or by calling Toll-Free: 1-800-546-0123.