Brewa Kennedy began his work life at the ripe old age of 19 as an airline professional with Southwest Airlines. Southwest, which is famous for its unique corporate culture and its encouragement of employees to be expressive, helped Brewa to learn that he was truly a maverick and an almost deliberate non-conformist. Brewa was invited to become one of the original Crewmembers at a fresh, new airline that America now knows as JetBlue Airways. The experience of being an integral part of creating a brand new airline from the ground-up was fuel to Brewa’s passion for constant innovation and change to do better than the status quo in business.

Leaving the airline industry, Brewa’s first love, was one of the hardest things he ever did, but it was a crucial step for his destiny’s fulfillment to become a serial entrepreneur. Brewa has found tremendous success in various ventures in the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries. After signing-on to be an Exclusive Agent with Allstate Insurance, Brewa soon saw that being an Independent Agent was a better venue by which he could express his passion for innovation and creativity. With the onset of the growth of technology, he quickly seized opportunities to create new ways to process business and to provide extraordinary service to his clients.

Hugely famous among his followers as a hard worker, Brewa is an expert at automating workflows and business processes, while helping business owners to save money and increasing their efficacy. He has helped dozens of small business owners in regaining valuable time and reducing operational expenditures.

Brewa is an active member of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, and serves as the Chairman of the Agency Automation & Technology Task Force. He resides in Orlando with his wife and two children.

Brewa is passionate first about people, and then about new technologies to help us be truly more effective. He maintains a blog and resources that can help you in your business. His website is