Brenda Schubach is a successful inventor, engineer, and
humanitarian. She has mixed her life’s work with her
heart’s desire to give back to society in a compassionate
and sustainable way. Coming from a background in
criminal justice, Brenda worked with those living in
poverty, domestic violence victims and exploited children at the Department
of Justice and Boston’s Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Harvard
University. She has been granted the prestigious award of Unsung Heroine
from her alma mater Regis College, and has been featured in numerous
newspapers and on NBC news.
After contributing to a guide for prosecuting attorneys in domestic violence,
Brenda embarked on a new career of education and visual merchandising,
studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SMU, and Stanford University.
She has designed new products for 100 of the largest companies in the
world. Her ability to connect and understand people has led her to impact
brands in a big way, from start-up to billion dollar enterprises. She has
contributed in every facet of innovation and global rollout.
Her business savvy, legal background and passion to help others has given
rise to her future as the Executive Director of I am a Force4Good™ – a
company she designed to help bring dignity to women around the world
with fair and equal opportunities. I am a Force4Good™ is about finding your
unique inner light, your OrganicSelf® and sharing that gift with those around
you to positively enhance the world for generations to come.
You can connect with Brenda at:
[email protected]