Brenda Byers-Im is a highly sought speaker and coach who inspires
and mentors others to develop their greatness within. She is unique
in her ability to touch people on all levels of body, soul and spirit.
High school speech and debate students coached by Brenda have
won national championships. Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs
have increased their income exponentially with her mentoring. She is frequently a
keynote speaker at business networking events and fundraisers. Brenda has created
and led cutting-edge sales and marketing events, weekend training seminars and
retreats for the past 25 years.
Brenda holds degrees in business, nutrition and exercise physiology. She and her
husband are founders of IMPaX WORLD, a successful direct-selling nutrition company.
As vice-president of her company since 1994, Brenda has coached and inspired
highly skilled independent distributors while maintaining IMPaX WORLD as a vibrant
and progressive company offering the highest-quality products. Her vision and foresight
in the field of health and wellness have led top doctors, athletes, and fitness
coaches to seek out Brenda and the IMPaX WORLD products for their personal and
professional use.
Brenda is an accomplished author and creator of numerous articles, blogs, CDs and
magazines. She has been featured on local television stations, ABC, CBS, Fox and
NBC. As a daily devoted student of the Bible, Brenda has helped individuals discover
their identity and purpose. She believes God to be her partner in life and business. Her
life’s purpose is helping others recognize and develop their God-given gifting while
inspiring them to expand their vision, goals and to celebrate their inner greatness.
To learn more about Brenda Byers-Im, follow her on her blog, www.prosperinallthings.
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