Brandon Jones helps his clients to elevate their IT from a “Problem Center” into a “Profit Center”. He does this by first working out all the kinks in the current system, followed by putting systems in place to allow IT to drive efficiencies in the business.
Brandon’s passion with computers began when he was in third grade and his parents purchased a computer for him that Christmas. Prior to this he was always taking apart anything electronic or mechanical that he could get his hands on. He spent most of his time building small electronic devices, and computers seemed like the next step; he built his first computer by seventh grade.
By High School he was coding and wrote several games, one was based on Pong, and another was akin to Space Invaders but with full graphics. During his post-secondary period, he was hired at an IT company doing computer repair and supporting local businesses. Brandon always strove to find a better way to do things, and constantly challenged the status quo. Eventually, Brandon became disenchanted with working for someone else.
In 2003, Brandon started his own IT company, Attitude Computers. In the beginning he mostly did repairs for friends and family. Eventually he had to hire staff to help support the hundreds of new clients flocking his way. As the company matured, so did his client base, and he now only supports business clients, and always in the best way possible.
If you’re interested in finding out more on how to find a good IT Cyber Security company, please email him at: [email protected] with the words “Cyber Security Free Report” in the subject and he’ll be happy to send you a report on what to look for, what to watch out for, and what to expect when trying to find a Cyber Security company you can trust.