Brandon E. Cox is the Founder and CEO of Pipeline Oil & Gas. Brandon leverages a background in the oil and gas industry and finance to identify, acquire and develop underperforming and underdeveloped oil and gas properties. His proven track record and model for turning oil and gas projects into income-
producing assets increases the market cap for Pipeline Oil & Gas and its clients.

As CEO and Founder, Brandon Cox secures the development of capital for projects involving natural gas pipelines and the drilling and reworking of oil wells. He has assembled a seasoned leadership team of geologists, field operations and financial professionals who oversee successful operations in Kansas, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. He is also a licensed and bonded oil and gas well operator in the state of Kansas, where he currently manages over 75 wells.

Prior to founding Pipeline Oil & Gas, Brandon Cox was President of Cox Capital, LLC, helping to fund and manage over $200 million in real estate development.

For the past four years, Brandon has been the host of Crude Awakenings, a #1 financial news talk radio show on Money Radio 1510 AM. In addition, Brandon Cox is featured in the March 2014 issue of Forbes. He has also recently been acknowledged by America’s PremierExperts® as one of the nation’s leading experts in the oil and gas field.

Brandon E. Cox –
CEO & Founder- Pipeline Oil & Gas
Phoenix, Arizona