Business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, #1 best selling author, father and husband; Brad started his first company at the age of 21, which included designing a new product, acquiring investment capital necessary to finance the company’s operations, contracting the overseas manufactures and heading up the US sales force. Shortly after this he started the next company, which eventually created enough capital to get him into the real estate business. He spent the next few years working with investors from all over the country. These investors would come to small workshops where Brad and his Partners would teach specifics on how they were investing in real estate. Brad has always been interested in real estate and real estate financing in 2005 he started his own commercial lending company, Hess Commercial Capital, Inc. which grew very quickly and was able to close over $10,000,000 in loans in its first year of operation.

After running several multi million dollar real estate businesses and buying and selling over $200,000,000 worth of real estate Brad in 2009 stepped down as CEO and away from the day to day real estate activities; he maintains his primary ownership position as well as a spot on the board of directors of one of the largest REO suppliers in the United States.

Brad is now involved with the development and growth of the exciting personal development and branding company called My Mark, LLC Having created a considerable online brand and professional presence Brad realized every individual needs their own Mark™. Brad understands the importance of creating, maintaining and defending your reputation and is dedicated to helping every individual establish their own Mark™.

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Why would Junk House Riches give all of the secrets away during a Boot Camp?
We have sold thousands of homes to hundreds of people and we understand what it takes to make it in the REO business. We did not have a mentor/class to come to and learn what to do or not to do. We decided it was time to start helping others do what we have done.

How can you purchase homes for such a discount?
Junk House Riches buys in bulk and pays with cash. Knowing who to buy from and having a reputation among Banks and Clearing houses as one of the major REO Junk House Buyers in the United States is also very helpful.

How do I know if I am dealing directly with the banks when I am buying, and not simply a broker?
Again this is very important in order to keep your costs low. This is a major point we discuss during our Boot Camp.

Does Junk House Riches recommend using a title company when dealing with REO purchases?
Yes. There are ways you can avoid a title company, however most of the time it is wise to have a professional title company do your title searches. It may cost a little more up front but could save you thousands in the long run.

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