Bonnie Kanner grew up in California as the oldest of six children and was considered the “responsible” one. She had her first job at age 12 and by 17 had moved into her own apartment. At 24, she married her best friend and they were together for 11 years. When Bonnie’s father passed away from cancer, something inside drastically changed and decided to have a more fulfilling life—one that would make a difference in people’s lives and leave a mark on the world. In 1997 she divorced, leaving her with a 4 and 8-year old. As a single mother, Bonnie yearned for a job that paid well and had flexible hours so she could be with her children and provide for their needs.

Bonnie produced four charity golf tournaments called “Shoot for the Stars” for Jewish Big Brothers and Camp Max Straus and the Hollywood Post Production Community. Bonnie filled the tournaments with players from Sony and Disney and was a big success. Doors began to open, leading to several job offers including a position in the Visual Effects industry. Bonnie worked for over 8 years with a company and received over 80 major screen credits for theatrically released films, serving as the Executive Producer. Bonnie is an active member of the Producers Guild of America, Visual Effects Society, Women in Film and the Screen Actors Guild and listed on IMDB:

In March, April and May 2012, Bonnie attended ‘Crowd-Funding’ conferences. At the first conference, she was introduced by a friend to David Sinclair, President of Axiom Capital USA. By the third conference, David offered Bonnie a position as VP of New Business Development, with the flexibility to maintain her production company, Shooting Star Entertainment.

Bonnie Kanner, now a world renowned Hollywood Producer and Entrepreneur, is focused on producing films and advancing companies whose goal is to make the world a better place. She strives to produce thought-provoking films that spread a positive message like her upcoming films: “The Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ,” “The Great Secret,” “System Upgrade,” and “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” based on the award-winning novel by Gina E. Jones.

Bonnie’s unique life experience allows her to create a very influential network of companies and individuals who rely on her as a Strategic Alliance Expert; bringing them together to fulfill their mission to solve a problem in the world. These “Projects for Good” are Bonnie’s passion and she is the go-to person for filling any gap the companies needs to make their vision a reality. She works with innovative companies like: Life Cube, ClickN KIDS Online Educational Community, and IDENT-EYE-FYER…Glasses that will read QR codes and translates them to audio for the visually impaired.

Bonnie Kanner’s impact has not gone unnoticed. She will be featured in the forthcoming Inc. Magazine entitled “The Next Big Thing” as a leading expert in Strategic Alliances and will be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the country later this year on “America’s Premier Experts.”