Bonnie G. Hanson, The Wealth Mindset Mentor, is an author, coach and businesswoman on a mission to empower professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs to thrive by increasing their impact and their income.
An entrepreneur and student of psychology since childhood, she loves working with people to teach them to enhance their mindset and focus their talents to generate powerful results. She brings a contagious passion and creativity to her group and mastermind coaching clients. Bonnie has mentored thousands of clients in finance and life for nearly three decades. Her desire is to accelerate the global shift from Fear to Freedom by empowering others to express their unique gifts, stories and purpose in the world. She holds the vision of a global community who creates personal freedom through the expressions of Love, Compassion and Taking
Bonnie is an advocate for bringing real world experiences to our youth. She dreams of enhancing elementary grade level curriculum to include leadership, financial literacy and personal growth, preparing children to take ownership of their gifts and talents, to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and become conscious global citizens.
She enhances the lives of those around her through mentoring and contribution with many non-profit organizations in her community.
Her latest book, Shatter the Image, may be found at: . To connect to her, visit: or .
Bonnie lives in beautiful southern California with her family, enjoying the gorgeous ocean sunsets, photography, art and creative activities, reading, animals, and sports.