Boni Oian is a Dreams Come Alive Strategist.
Helping people uncover their potential has always been her dream. This includes assisting people in knowing they deserve and are worthy of having everything in life they want. Being happy before and after they receive that dream life sometimes is the challenge.
She is the Author and Instructor of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power. She also trains teachers to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide.
She is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association and she’s certified as a Catalyst Coach by the Ace Success Center.
Boni’s certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.
She has been published and/or featured in many publications including Enjoy Whole Health, Sassy, Focus on Women, as well as business magazines and has her own radio program.
Boni started on this path in 1980 with Silva Mind Control and the Natale Institute Relationship workshops. Since then Boni has branched out into Shamanic, Reiki, and other energy related work in order to establish faster ways to help make permanent changes for people.
Her belief is that: the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is the courage to change.
She believes true freedom widens your path. Your path is where you can walk, the people you can meet and the experiences you can have with comfort. When you first start down your path, it is very narrow because the comfort of your experiences is based on the first seven years of your life. This is where you learned what is acceptable in the world around you, what is allowed and what is proper.
By clearing the conclusions you came to as a child and the disempowering conditioning you received at this time in your life, your path widens to allow more choices, therefore you get to decide what is right for you. The beliefs that people gave you about what is right, proper or acceptable may have worked for them, but may not be what is working for you now in creating the life you want.
It’s much like clearing the minefields at the edges of your path. The minefields are the hurt, frustration and anger that result in stepping in a new direction as you make your way through life. With the path cleared of these unpleasant feelings erupting from time to time, you have many more chances of choosing with each step you take. Really getting clear of these eruptions allows you to get clarity about what you want your life to look like without guilt, nagging thoughts and feelings of regret.
Please accept her blessings to all of you who have the courage and strength to change consciously because “the only constant in the universe is change.”
You can connect with Boni Oian at: [email protected]
Office: 830.537.4523