Bobby Bryant is the Founder/President of iBuy Realty and new CEO/President of Spencer School of Real Estate, the first real estate school in Houston, Texas dating back to 1975.
Bobby’s experience in real estate dates back to 1995. Three years after moving to Houston, Texas he became a Mortgage Broker and opened his own brokerage firm called Texas Guaranteed Mortgage. After several successful years and a struggling economy, Bobby accepted a Branch Manager position with Countrywide Home Loans. His task was to turn around a struggling branch on the Northeast side of Houston, Texas. Bobby fulfilled that task and shortly afterwards, Countrywide was bought by Bank of America.

It was while Bobby Bryant was at Bank of America when the idea and vision for iBuy Realty was conceived. Seeking a new challenge, Bobby paid close attention to the transition of the real estate industry and how consumers were adapting and changing their buying and selling habits due to the economy. His mission was to create a solution for an industry that desperately needed to provide some type of relief for cash strapped buyers and equity deprived sellers. With higher down payment requirements and declining home values, Bobby Bryant found the antidote for an ailing real estate industry: iBuy Realty! His mission: To revitalize homeownership in America by making the purchase of a home more rewarding and the selling of a house more economical. With a Mission Statement like that, how can you go wrong?

Leveraging his educational background, Bobby is an Author, Instructor, Mentor, Professional Speaker, and Trainer for hundreds of professionals (Realtors) that seek to learn how to thrive and survive in today’s real estate industry. Bobby is a TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission )Certified Real Estate Instructor. He teaches and trains new and experienced Realtors/Brokers and Mortgage Professionals at Spencer School of Real Estate in Mid-Town Houston, Texas.

As the Owner of Spencer School of Real Estate, Mr. Bryant believes that the real estate industry needs fresh and new ideas. His vision is to encourage and assist the next generation of real estate professionals by offering relevant education and tools that will drastically increase their success. Spencer School of Real Estate: Education. Evolved.
Bobby Bryant is sincerely one of the industries newest pioneers of real estate. His desire and ability to understand the changes that have inflicted itself upon the real estate industry is what makes him unique and successful. He understands real estate, the unforseen changes, and challenges before us. Furthermore, this is someone on a national scale to keep your eyes and ears open about.