About Ben
Ben Orth is the founder and CEO of Keystone Solutions, Inc.,
a technology firm located in the Kansas City area that thrives
on solving tough eCommerce, ERP, and IT challenges for SMB
business owners.
Keystone specializes in technology implementation services,
business process refinement, project management, training, custom programming
and ongoing support for the implemented technology systems.
Ben fell in love with computer programming and technology at an early age and
strives to remain on the forefront of technology. Before starting Keystone Solutions,
he worked for a municipal utility to develop and implement systems to move their
manual operations into the computer age. He spent more than a decade improving
and developing computer applications, leading development teams and migrating
operations from mainframe to mainframe.
Ben is motivated by his passion for getting to the root of the problem. He loves to
analyze his client’s existing systems and help them gain efficiency and improve
business resource utilization by finding and implementing the right technology
That’s why he’s worked extensively with the types of operational and financial
applications that make a business owner’s life easier. From accounting applications,
including billing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and general ledger with
financial statements, to operational applications, including inventory, purchasing and
order entry and fulfillment, to CRM and manufacturing applications, he can match the
people, processes and technology, so the owner can get back to doing what they do
best, running their business.
Recently his experiences and those of peers inspired Ben to lead development of
eCommERPbridge™ for TRAVERSE® to meet today’s challenges of eCommerce that
face owners of distribution and manufacturing businesses.
Ben is also an active participant and member of, and facilitator for, several technology
service provider business owner peer groups.
A Kansas native, Ben and his wife and business partner Teri have been married for
more than forty years. Ben also enjoys both flower and vegetable gardening and loves
to vacation in the Colorado Rockies while visiting his son Mike, who also works in
the IT industry.