Becky Williamson is an exercise physiologist, fitness coach
and fitness business owner in Northern California. Armed
with a graduate degree in kinesiology, her experience spans
over 25 years and includes experience in corporate fitness,
personal training and even scientific research (she ran a human
physiology lab for the Advanced Life Support Division at
NASA-Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA).
Becky wears many hats in the fitness world. As President of lifeSport Fitness in San
Jose, California, Becky and her team provide in-home personal training, fitness boot
camps, and corporate fitness programs to Bay Area residents and corporations.
Becky also has an online presence at where she educates
and motivates “Boomer” aged women to make their boomer years their best
years through exercise and proper eating.
Becky’s philosophy of a “fitness lifestyle” is evident in the programs and products she
creates. Her goal is to find creative ways in which to engage her customers in taking
an active part in achieving their goals. “It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!”, she
can often be heard saying.
Client testimonials highlight Becky’s professionalism, quick wit, and her obvious passion
and commitment to her clients’ success as reasons for working with her — the
fact that she helps them get results might be a reason, too! Whether she’s teaching
an early morning boot camp, designing a post-rehab program for a customer with
a hip replacement, or presenting a motivational lecture at a corporate site, Becky’s
passion and ability to motivate those around her leaves her clients excited and ready
to take action.
In addition to her Master’s Degree, Becky is certified as a Health/Fitness Instructor
and an Advanced Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine,
and is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.
She also holds a certification from the American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals
as a Post-Rehab Specialist.
When she’s not working, Becky can often be found cheering at a sporting event for one
of her two children or working out at the gym with her husband. She has successfully
juggled her roles as businesswoman, wife and mother for many years…and as a lover of
adventure travel, has also found time to bungee jump in New Zealand, zip line through the
jungle canopy in Belize, swim with the dolphins in Mexico and surf in Hawaii.