Bala G. Gopurala MD., M.Sc., (DrBalaG) is a physician, American Board of Internal Medicine, Double Board Certified Medical Oncologist, a Bestselling Author and a Golden Quill Award Nominee from National Academy of Bestselling Authors. He has combined 20 years of medical practice and has taken care of more than ten thousand patients. He was a National Institute of Health Research Fellow. He was involved in HIV and Cancer Research. He has received numerous awards including Research Scholar Award, Resident of the Year Award, Outstanding Young Investigator Award, Outstanding Physician Award, and Outstanding Community Health Service Award. He served on numerous committees including international mentor, interdisciplinary medical council, improving quality, care, education and service for the patients. He was also inducted into the International Who is Who of Professionals. He has been selected as one of America’s top Oncologist. He is a lifelong learner. He has a fulfilling medical practice in Shelby County, Alabama. As an insider he is observing changes in the medical industry, and he clearly brings into his daily practice the wisdom of the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. He approaches every person comprehensively, as a whole individual in the context of presenting illness. This approach has truly helped patients alleviate their suffering and regain true “Health” as defined by the World Health Organization. He inspires and empowers people to the highest Awareness of Optimal Health. He regularly gives lectures, conducts workshops and seminars on Optimal Health, Personal Development and Human Potential. He is happily married and has two children.
He is a leadership consultant as well as executive health and wellness advisor. He helps leaders to enjoy optimal health and embrace personal development. He developed a skill based training system to help individuals and corporations to improve personal health thereby transforming healthcare from cost to investment. This system has changed the equation of healthcare perceived as an asset rather than a liability and this also increased productivity and employee morale. He is currently involved in writing a book on Optimal Health and Personal Growth. His teachings have common sense health approaches to daily complex issues thereby helping people to think outside of the box. This helps the person as well as the entire family, as he or she understands and takes responsibility for health and personal growth. He has a unique and effective way of delivering information and influencing people to take responsibility for life. He is easily approachable and gets along well with his clients and helps them see the big picture and at the same time focus on the important details that are vital to life’s health decisions. DrBalaG brings a unique set of medical training, research and a depth of understanding of the importance of personal growth and transformation in helping his clients to succeed. Outside of work, he spends time with his family. His interests include reading, swimming, table tennis and nature exploration.
You can reach DrBalaG at for further information or call 1 866 466 1244 for a consultation.