Azizan Osman, PhD is a Social Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Business & Marketing Strategist, Success Coach and Philanthropist.
Azizan has been a serial entrepreneur all his life. He started as a
teenager selling food, books and just about anything from his dormitory during his campus days. He had two formal educations, one in a Chinese school and the second in a Muslim religious school. Both educations set the very foundation for Azizan’s business acumen and the core values in his life today.
His first experience in the corporate world was with a stock-broking firm. Two years later, he pursued a career in sales. He pursued several unsuccessful business ventures and eventually was betrayed by his business partner. He ended up with hundreds of thousands in personal debt.
Picking himself up in 2001, he worked as a trainee executive in a UK-based marketing company called The Cobra Group PLC, one of the largest and most successful global sales and marketing companies. He shot to meteoric success with his great track record and exceptional marketing talent.
During his tenure under the London-based organization, Azizan received fourteen personal accolades for his outstanding performance in the fields of leadership, management, human resource management, advertising and marketing – for which he holds a strong passion.
He then took his credibility to another level when he was awarded the Chairman’s International Platinum Award—the highest accolade to be handed out by the organization, after only two years of service. As an international marketer, Azizan is a certified Guerrilla-Marketer mentored by Jay Conrad Levinson.
In 2008, Azizan made a bold move to pursue his life-long dream of owning his own company. He brought on board his vast experiences to be shared with those in need of his expertise. His experiences with hardship and failure made him one not to be defeated. He began to reflect on the fundamental laws governing success and failure. His theories and experiences became the stepping stone for his next multimillion dollar business which brought him huge financial success and ultimate fulfilment.
Azizan, who champions life-long learning, has multiple international certifications in human and mind-science development, marketing and business besides attaining an MBA in 2009. Not long later in 2013, he obtained his PhD in Management.
As a coach and best-selling author, Azizan has trained over 650,000 people, empowering them with priceless knowledge to succeed in life and business. He has helped countless small business owners and multinationals generate revenues reaching millions in annual sales. To the masses, he is renowned as a Success Coach and Asia’s No.1 Marketing Maestro.
Azizan’s success has been well documented by the local media for his desire and sheer determination to help individuals and business owners to achieve their full potential. His aid comes in various forms including talks, seminars, personal coaching, online training, blogs, books, videos, social media, his frequent columns in leading newspapers, and appearances on television and radio programs.
Currently, Azizan is the Founder and Chairman of a conglomerate comprising of twenty- seven subsidiaries under the Richworks Group of Companies flagship in various trades besides coaching and training.
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