Dr. Aviva Boxer is a speaker, writer, author and natural healthcare practitioner. Considered a “double agent” in the medical world, for over 35 years, because she has worked both on the conventional pharmaceutical side and the alternative sides of medical treatment, she is well known for being a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Homeopathic Doctor, and Naturopath. Upon observing individuals who in life were intensely involved in prevention and actively involved in healthful activities and choices in vitality, then suddenly changed at death’s door, becoming passive and vulnerable, delegating their will and the defining moment of personal destiny to another as they passed into the afterlife, Dr. Boxer decided to make it her mission to inspire individuals to amplify their will and preference at and through death, just as they had done in life. She is a writer for,” Ghostwriter for the dead and those who need a voice”.