Asha Mankowska, MA, Esq. is a fearless Business and High Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Branding Expert, Author and International Motivational Speaker. She is a born entrepreneur, launching her first business at the age of 21 when she was in her second year of law school, successfully building
three companies in Europe from the ground up. She knows for a fact how difficult and frustrating any type of transition can be. Asha teaches clients from around the world how to achieve a healthy balance in their professional and personal lives.
In addition to being a recognized journalist (MA degree in Journalism and PR), published in several European countries (including Poland, Germany and Sweden), and running very successful consulting and educational businesses, she was an attorney for the past eleven years. Asha is Founder of the “Speakers Bureau” for dynamic women entrepreneurs, the Radio Host of Crush Fears with Asha and host of the video podcast, Interviews with Asha: How to grow your business. Her book, The Change 4: Manifest Your Greatness Today, where she was a co-author, was published in April 2015 on four continents.
In addition, Asha is a Founder and creator of IMPACT IMPRESSION; powerful branding training for coaches, consultants, experts, entrepreneurs and business owners.
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