Antoine Simmons has been an entrepreneur from childhood when he started his first business of selling fresh vegetables and fruits door-to-door out of his family’s garden. Over the years, he has started eight different businesses ranging from a clothing line, financial services, translation services, coffee stores, property
management to software developer and hotel operator. Antoine has developed many businesses from the ground up and has found what separates failure from success in business is discipline.
Antoine is a graduate of George Fox University. He is the CEO of Haystack Lodgings, a property management company that owns and operates four boutique Inns located in the Oregon coastal towns of Cannon Beach and Seaside. His story was recently featured on “”, a website that promotes and shares stories of successful entrepreneurs in Oregon. He has taught and shared his keys to success with entrepreneurs across the country through a webinar series put on by “Builtoregon. com.” Antoine and his wife have been recognized and awarded the “Volunteer of the Year” for their community service from the city of Cannon Beach.
Antoine is becoming one of the leading experts on online hotel marketing. Antoine also built a patent-pending marketing software and strategy for the hotel industry to drive direct sales. Antoine’s philosophy is to develop incredible value for your customers that they will seek you out.
You can connect with Antoine at: [email protected]