ANTHONY FORD is a very accomplished and well known young man that has owned several businesses in and around the Houston Texas Metropolitan Area. Anthony is a life coach to several corporate figures and have bought and sold several hundreds of real estate properties over the past decade.
Anthony began his journey from a very humbling beginning-He grew up in a rough, urban inner city neighborhood in Houston Texas where poverty, prostitution and drugs were a common scene. He grew up in a dysfunctional family where his parents did the best they could to raise him yet his standard of living was sub par-to say the least! Although life at home with his dysfunctional family was far from an ideal situation; Anthony’s parents instilled in him strict morals and taught him that if he were to be successful in life he’d have to work harder than the next person to be able to do so!
Well it wasn’t too long after Anthony began to receive such teachings from his parents that he started to take an active approach towards living out those dreams that he had cultivated. At the age of 21 Anthony bought his first home in a suburban Houston neighborhood and from then on-the rest was history! Anthony went on to purchase several investment properties, obtained his Mortgage Broker’s License, Real Estate License, became a certified Residential Home Builder and opened up several small businesses. Anthony not only changed the life of he and his family but gave hope to several people that were employed by his visions and businesses!
Currently Anthony has a Non Profit Organization that mentors inner city youths, owns a Real Estate Investment Concierge Firm, A Real Estate Brokerage, runs an Anger Management Resolution Operation and is a Life Coach.


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