Attorney Anthony E. Parent is a partner at Parent & Parent
LLP and the founder of IRSmedic, a website dedicated to
helping Americans find permanent tax relief from tough tax
While still in law school, Attorney Parent established himself as a prodigy by
getting a criminal conviction overturned while still an intern. As he entered
private practice, his appellate victories continued getting case after case
overturned. However, once he discovered the desperate need for real tax
relief, he applied his proven winning strategies to fighting the IRS.
He has developed a proven system to find the best resolution for every tax
case and has been able to leverage his expertise to help thousands of taxpayers
around the country and the globe. He’s never shy about a tough challenge
and is on the forefront of new IRS offshore initiatives. Attorney Parent
serves as source of inspiration for his staff and clients by instilling a resolute
faith that the best solution may be just one sentence away.