Anthony D. Castelli, Esq. is a Greater Cincinnati
bodily injury accident trial attorney. With 29 years
of experience, he knows that the best way to get
the best settlement for his clients is to prepare every
case as if it is going to trial. This gives his clients a position of
strength in the negotiation process, and makes it more likely they will
receive a fair settlement, without the necessity of going to trial.
Anthony’s focus is on client service. This means if he decides to take
your case, his focus is on you throughout his representation. Anthony
understands your injuries can affect every area of your life and he
works to keep your case moving towards a favorable result. That is
why he promises… “To fight with all of his heart for you.” With hundreds
of client settlements for thousands of dollars, and over 25 civil jury trials
under his belt, Anthony is uniquely positioned to fight big insurance
companies for injury victims.
Anthony is one of relatively few attorneys to have a jury verdict in excess
of $1,000,000. This case, Bowling v. Heil, was about a young
man who lost his life as a result of a defectively-designed dump truck.
This landmark case went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court and
helped define product injury law in Ohio. More importantly, the money
recovered helped a proud and courageous young widow raise her five
children without resort to welfare or handouts.
If you are looking for a lawyer to be your legal counsel, friend, bodyguard,
and warrior, look to Anthony and his team. It is noteworthy that
one of his clients recently wrote Anthony a thank you note. It stated,
“Dealing with you and your staff feels like dealing with family. I know
that I am in good hands and will be treated with a warm smile. You took
my case with nothing to gain, but fought for me with all your might.
Thank all of you, I will never be able to put into words or monetary value
what you all meant to me.”
Anthony is active in the community. He has coached youth basketball
and served on the Board of Directors of Power Inspires Progress and
Serenity House. He also has mentored area high school students.
Anthony dedicates this chapter to his wife, Victoria, the love of his life.
She brought him a loving stepson Mitchell, a Fulbright scholar; son
Anthony, a basketball player and boxer; and daughter Kennedy, his
beautiful ballerina.
You can learn more about Anthony through his website: www.castellilaw.
com. There, you can also find educational articles and videos about
personal injury cases — including car, truck, and motorcycle crashes
and serious bodily injury cases.
Or you can call Anthony toll free at 1-800-447-6549.