Anm Pek is the founder of Storieszing, devoted to providing entertaining education. As an expert and leader in the field of reality game and creative education, her forte is empowering lives through games, art, stories and metaphysics. Anm and her business are centered by a quote, “If you light a lamp for another,
your own way will be lit.” She guides and trains her clients to level up their business and quality of life through a fun, engaging and effective approach.
Anm is the creator of FlashbackTM and RecollectTM – the collaborative enrichment and learning card games. She improvised brainstorming into Mind DoodlingTM and mind mapping into Game MappingTM. She is also the creator of the reality game, “Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes.” It is an entertaining, experiential and empowering game system and community to help individuals find their USPTM – Unique Strength and PersonalityTM, live a purposeful and fulfilling life. She gamifies heroes’ trainings into quests. She is also one of the heroes in the game. Anm plays a game heroine named Metaphysics Cleric who has the passion and skill of Chinese metaphysics. Together with other heroes, she empowers gamers to create their own game heroic identity, realize their true passions and to achieve their ultimate life goals and dreams through adventurous quests.
Anm is the published author of The Secret Code: Is It for Real?, with forewords by Asia’s Top Success Coach, Adam Khoo and 77th Street Founder, Elim Chew. It is a practical book that brings together the essence of games, art, and stories to help people in their learning with a game-like leveling up approach.
She is also an educator, lecturing on multimedia, animation, interactive web design and development, social media design and new media communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. She has an extensive background and experience with many types of art and designs, specifically in the areas of idea generation, concept development, game design, animation, web design and broadcasting. She had been a creative lead and editor behind many TV advertisements, one of which featured famous Hong Kong celebrity Carina Lau Ka Ling.
In addition, Anm is a Metaphysician and plays a Metaphysics Cleric in “Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes.” She has developed a deep passion for Chinese metaphysics since she was young and has been practicing for years. She has consulted and trained countless professionals to realize their strengths, talents, career direction and maximize their full potential in life. Her latest project is publishing her next book on harnessing Chinese metaphysics as a profiling tool to help business leaders make better decisions in hiring, selection and performance management, as well as to help career-seekers make better career decisions.
Anm appears on the Dean’s list for her Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Design, and received numerous distinctions and merit awards throughout her studies. In July 2014, she graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). Her research paper titled, Design and Development Beyond Fun: Serious Games with Social Impact has built her a strong foundation in the areas of reality game and gamification for life, training and business – and even products and services.
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