It’s pretty simple….deliver on the experience you’ve
That approach to real estate sales has resulted in Anita
Italiane Hearl being in the top 5% of producers in the Seattle area year-in, yearout,
good times and bad, for over 12 straight years. She does what she says
she will…and then some…and it’s this simple commitment to going above and
beyond that sets her apart from the pack – and consistently turns clients into
lifelong friends.
Anita possesses a genuine interest in, and concern for, the wide variety of
people she serves and derives great satisfaction in seeing her clients move
forward in life, getting from where they are now to where they want to be.
Many times this calls on her unique blend of tenacity coupled with a caring,
human touch – taking the stress out of what can be one of life’s most
emotional events.
Anita Italiane Hearl grew up on Mercer Island, attended the University of
Washington, has lived and owned property in Portage Bay, Fremont, Green
Lake, Whidbey Island and now Sandpoint. She and her husband have raised
two daughters in Seattle, and she has gleaned an extensive (“encyclopedic”)
knowledge of the cities unique neighborhoods, “hot spots,” schools
and amenities.
Best in Client Satisfaction Award by Seattle Magazine (2004-2011).
This says a lot….based on the combination of professionalism and personality,
ONE realtor in Seattle was chosen to represent the city on HGTV’s “Bang
for your Buck” television series for 2011…that was Anita Italiane Hearl!