Angel is much more than a nurse–she’s also a scientist, a corporate
consultant, an educator and a business owner. Her lifelong
commitment to education has given her the tools to provide expertise
in a variety of situations; making her as comfortable helping a
major corporation tackle its health issues and challenges as she is
delivering individualized care to a student population as a school nurse.
A lifelong resident of the State of Delaware, Angel received her BA in Biology from the
University of Delaware in Newark in 1992 and parlayed her degree into a career as a
scientist. When she discovered her true passion was for helping people, she returned
to the University to earn her BS in Nursing, with a minor in Psychology, in 1992. Later,
she earned a Masters of Nursing Leadership and a Post Masters Certificate as a
Family Nurse Practitioner from Wilmington University in 2008. Today, she continues
to learn everything she can about the nursing profession by pursuing her doctorate.
Angel launched her nursing career as a consultant, and later became the Occupational
Health Nurse at Proctor and Gamble. During her five years with the corporation,
she helped to provide direct care to over 350 employees and their families, designed
workplace educational sessions about vital health topics, such as stress, nutrition
and ergonomics, and made sure the company’s emergency response teams were
up-to-date in their training and education.
The birth of her daughter, Ally, led Angel to refocus her energy on how to best grow
her career as a working mother. She returned to consulting when her daughter was
young, and when Ally started school, she became a school nurse in order to optimize
her schedule. She has also spent over 10 years in occupational nursing, community
nursing and hospital nursing, as well as a CPR and First Aid instructor, and teaches
college nursing classes.
Angel is a Registered Nurse in the States of Delaware and holds a multitude of professional
certifications in occupational health, school nursing and family practice.
She has held leadership roles in nursing professional organizations by serving as Past
President of the Delaware Association of Occupational Health Nurses and currently as
Treasurer for the Delaware Association of School Nurses.
Angel has received numerous honors and awards including the 2005 NEAOHN Leadership
Award, the 2011 FMC BioPolymer Grant and the Healthy Schools Program
Bronze Award from the Alliance for A Healthier Generation for her school. She is a
passionate advocate for health and strives to add value to the world by helping to
improve the health—and lives—of the people around her.