Angeline O’Shannessy was born and raised in Newcastle, and from and early age showed extreme interest in business. At the age of 12 she started working pt in her grandparent’s chemist shop and has always worked since.
By the time she was 19 she purchased her first business, a hairdressing salon and from there, had numerous hair and beauty salons, she worked for the Milman International (they owned all the hair & Beauty salon in Myer and David Jones in Australia) as a salon manager, it was there that she really learnt about business and business systems.
At the age of 25 she purchased her 3rd business and built it from bankrupsy to 7 staff while doing this she trained as a beauty therapist.
At 26-27 she trained as a national Educator for Creative Nail Design and this is where her passion for teaching began. Angie is truly passionate about helping people and confesses “I don’t have all the answers but will do my best to find them”. With this in mind you have a person with integrity and passionate about what she does.
Angie is the co founder of The Small Business Guru’s, The Company’s felosify is to get the best information available to businesses and help them grow there bottom line profit through personally Development and Proven business strategies. For more information visit or phone Angie on +61 0429075963 and she will give you a free coaching session.