ANGELICA is your classical feng shui and success coach who instructs you, as a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, teacher, on how to design your life and business towards growth and success by using the well known ancient science of Feng Shui.
-Start to know yourself and your surroundings better and you will be able to create the life of our dreams.

ANGELICA is a multifacitated blooming entrepreneur who travels around internationally in her working sphere. She has experienced indigenous cultures who always understood that we are not separate from our planet, our homes or one another and that feng shui brings together the internal and external environment by creating peaceful, balanced, dwellings whose occupants can develop health and happiness.

She has walked the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and lived self sufficient out in the jungle with lineage to the Mayan People. She learned their universal wisdom about planet earth, how to show compassion and humbleness to it and work with the forces in nature. When it comes to instruct and guide people and business owners to developing higher consciousness and success. She is the one!