Andy Ho has spent 15 years in the financial industry – many of those in a senior management role in insurance, securities and as an independent financial advisor with an IFA firm. He started off his career in the financial industry as a financial adviser and within 4 years he was in a senior management position
in a financial advisory firm. He pays tribute for his success to his mentor (Mr. Jack Cheong) and other coaches that he has met in his career.

Today, Andy has established his presence in the region as a consultant to leading financial advisory institutions and distribution networks in the region. He lent his competence and expertise to both local and regional firms, greatly facilitating the growth of these companies through educating and systemizing the process of the firm to deliver created value to the end consumer. Below are some of the projects he has been involved in while holding a senior management position in the largest financial advisory firm in Singapore.

The projects include:
• 4th largest insurance company in Singapore – Increased sales performance by 250% within six months since they established their agency sales force.
• 366 branches of the 2nd largest bank in Malaysia – Enhanced performance by 400% in just six months with our bancassurance training.
• 708 branches of 4th largest bank in Indonesia – Peaked performance at 300% within six months since we provided bancassurance training.
• Largest FA in Singapore – Record of over 5000% increase in revenue to become the largest financial advisory within 5 years with our assistance
• Hong Kong – Financial advisory operations established by our management team translated to over HKD300 million worth of business within the 1st years operations.

Andy believes that the financial advisory landscape in Singapore should be more client-centric. In order to achieve that, advisers will need to change their approach and marketing effort. With that belief in mind, he started IAM Advisory Group – a company that helps advisers double their income by bringing values to their clients. In order for advisers to double their income, they need to increase their value in the value-chain and ensure that clients are delighted with their service and advice. He believes in bringing in a WIN-WIN scenario into a perceived WIN-LOSE world. A win- win scenario is possible when there is an abundance mindset and those people with the same mindset are selected to play the game together.

Andy is also known for developing leaders in his company. In his words, “A company is just a legal entity and its people are the reason why companies rise and fall. At every step of our employees’ careers, we invest in them, and ensure their interests remain focused on the long term and are closely aligned with those of our clients and shareholders.” His goal is to maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand their people’s professional opportunities, and help them contribute positively to their greater communities.