Andy Eilers, CRIS is the Director of Sales & Marketing for
First Service Insurance in Roseville, California. First Service
specializes in construction and transportation insurance
in multiple states with over 2,000 current and active
clients. With over 20 years of sales, sales management, and sales training
experience with a multitude of companies, Andy’s goal is to assist people
and companies in achieving their personal and professional goals – through
teaching, managing, training, and personal and professional coaching. For
over 20 years, he has studied the material of many of the great trainers
and teachers of our time including: Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar,
and Napoleon Hill. He has earned top sales and sales management awards
throughout his career. Andy is also the reigning “Champion” of the Tom Hopkins
3-Day Boot Camp held annually in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, Andy
has consulted for many companies in the areas of motivation and sales
training throughout Northern California.
Andy has a BA in Economics, with a minor in Communication Studies from
CSU Sacramento. He will complete his MA in Psychology with an emphasis
in Organizational and Business Psychology this year. Andy plans to begin his
Doctor of Psychology program in 2013. Andy is also in the process of completing
an audio program including all of his “Ask Yourself This…” material
and other sales and motivational instructional information. Andy is an accomplished
martial artist holding a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He
is also an avid reader, golfer, tennis player, singer, poet, and wine enthusiast.
For more information on Andy Eilers, email him at:
[email protected] or
[email protected].