Andy Clower and Carmela Lieras are the owners of Fitness
Evolved, the San Francisco Bay Area’s most “cerebral” gym. They
use the latest research and techniques from neuroscience and
exercise physiology to design the most cutting-edge exercise
programs targeted directly at getting clients to their functional
and fitness goals quickly and safely.
Instead of waiting for the mainstream fitness industry to catch up
with the latest research, they sought out those who are already
applying it well – the world leaders in fitness and performance
training – and spent thousands of dollars and countless hours
being mentored by and learning from them and applying their
principles. They are members of the Results Fitness Biz Mastermind group, mentored
by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove – recognized world wide for their cutting edge business
model and unmatched program design for fitness and fat loss. They have spent the
past two years studying under and learning from Dr. Eric Cobb, creator of the worldclass
brain-based training system of Z Health.
Their training system helps put their clients back in control of their own performance;
continually making lasting breakthroughs in all areas of performance including pain
relief, injury prevention, and mindset. They are most often sought out by clients who
have “tried everything else” with no results.
Carmela received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science and is a certified
personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). During
her collegiate education, she also served as a student athletic trainer for 3 years
when she was not competing in cross-country and track and field. She is a Z Health
Level 3 Certified Rehabilitation and Integrative Exercise Specialist, and also has a
certification in TRX Suspension Training.
Andy is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), with 10+ years of experience in Orthopedics
and Physical Therapy, as well as sports performance and athletic rehabilitation. He
is a Z Health Level 4 Certified Trainer, specializing in rehabilitative, therapeutic, and
integrative performance exercise.
For more information about Fitness Evolved’s services or to contact Andy and Carmela,
go to: